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09-18-2010, 06:16 PM
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Originally Posted by ruski17 View Post
Fischer is a bust... Sucks, but live with it. Scouting is not a science, it's a gamble. A good example is going apple picking. You can look at the apple to see if it looks good and promising, but you never really know what is inside it until you take a bite. same with drafting. sure, Giroux would have been awesome to draft, but we didn't. We never know though, what happens if Fischer gets drafted by Philly instead and we get Giroux, then Giroux turns into a bust and Philly now have a very solid d-man... I bet everyone here 10 bucks that all the Giroux fans would say that Fischer would have been the better choice. As for Fischer being an honorable mention by McKenzie in his mock draft, dosen't really matter. Look at this year's draft: Colorado got Joey Hishon and Phoenix got Mark Visentin. Both were slated to go 2nd/3rd round and got drafted before guys like Kabanov, Pickard, McFarland, Etem, etc. Does this mean those picks are bad??? No! Maybe some Phoenix scout or some Colorado scout saw something special in the player that they drafted that made them think of their pick becoming a star. I'm sure Timmins & Co. had a good reason to pick Fischer. They didn't pick him because he was American or they hated Giroux because of his french heritage, etc. As for Pacioretty and McDounagh being bad picks, McDounagh is slated to become a top 4 defenceman for New York and Pacioretty is at worst a solid 3rd liner. Also, give them time to develop completely. And for people who complain that we don't draft CHL players, it might not necessarily be a bad thing. Look at Leblanc, he was too weak to play pro and after ONE year with Harvard (not a hockey mecca), he beat out everyone in the Canadian U-20 fitness testing. Now, he's gonna play a lot with the Juniors. Honestly, drafting College players shows that we try to draft intelligent players and not wind up with Enver "Einstein" Lisin.
First....yes, of course. Every team draft players for reason. I take decisions based on reasoning. So do you. Yet, at one point, and especially when it comes to work, you have to judge your results. It's been talked a lot that there's no need to call out for a winner as soon as the draft ends 'cause it makes no sense. We need to let them develop. Totally agree. But how incredible is it that when it's finally time to judge, 3, 4 or 5 years later, we are told that.....anyway, it's a gamble not an exact science. That's the only job in the world that you can't be fired 'cause it's never your fault if a pick doesn't pan out. Sorry, will not buy that. Yes, you can't have 7 superstars panning out from the draft.

But I'm sorry, I will not believe it's just a gamble. Not with the numerous combines that are taking places. Not with the interviews that are taking place. Not with the money spent in scouting and all to be as sure as possible that you end up with the right person. If it was just a gamble, they hired Paul the Poulpe and have him pick the player. As a matter of fact, being a GM isn't an exact science either. Same with coaching. Nothing is actually. Still, you need to evaluate your personnel. And a poor 1st round needs to be judged based on the fact that most of your core in your team are coming from the 1st round (yes I know, some 2nd, 3rd and the rest also but it's not the majority.....except for goalies)

As far as going with the intelligent players.....give me a break. You can have the greatest QI on the planet and not position yourself well on the ice. Or don't feel like working hard or taking a hit. Or have the natural abilities you need to play in this league. Seeing that the CHL has provided us with tons of NHL talent, I really don't see the point you're trying to make. If anything, the US is on a roll based on their pure abilities and hockey talent. But mostly the fact that they have the chance to build a team and play against superior talent permitting them a great development, is the reason why you see more players being picked up. The intelligence in the US just hasn't started to be more present. But their hockey program has started to be more and more efficient.

Nobody is saying to fire Timmins. But if the guy can be praise every day of the week for his Subban pick, why the heck would we forget about his bad picks? Praise the great moves, forget about the bad ones.....

The reality is that you have to pick game changing players. Players that you won't acquire in trade 'cause they are too expensive or because nobody wants to send it too you. Yes, most of those players are gone when it's our turn to talk. Still, we have had a chance every years to do so based on who was left. And so far, we didn't. Remains to be seen what Price, Pacioretty, Leblanc and Tinordi will do.

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