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Originally Posted by pitkanen>bouwmeester
Looking through all the trade board, anytime a big name player is involved being traded to the Flyers, the person is always so quick to throw in Pitkanen. I don't see how they can do this so easily At this point, there aren't a whole lot of players who are as young and talented at his position as he is, so why in the world would you want to trade him? We got him at a steal (Fedetenko), so I just don't understand trading away a player of his caliber, especially after what he showed last year in his first year of North American hockey
You can add "inexpensive," to Pitkanen's attractiveness. As in: his current salary.


Agree in your description of Pitkanen's talent. It is worth noting however that when GMs feel a real opportunity to find the missing piece to win a Cup, they will go for it. Meaning they have to give up quality young talent. And, Pronger would fetch a lot. That said, I agree that Clarke would very very likely pass on moving Pitkanen, understandably so.


I would bet that Tampa Bay would not share your characterization of the Pitkanen deal as a "steal". Philadelphia surely obtained the superior player, no question. Likewise, it's worth noting that so far only one of the two teams has since won a Stanley Cup. And they would not have won it without Fedotenko's playoff output.

Winning Cups triumphs over everything else, even collecting the most promising players. After all, it's why you trade for players in the first place; to win.

Neither team would want a do-over in that deal.

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