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09-18-2010, 09:30 PM
Pierre Gotye
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You may have a pro-nating foot. If you don't get good support on your ankle, it's because your most important lace, the one which is in the corner of your boot right in the upper-arch area between the top of your foot and ankle isn't getting proper support. Try to make it tighter.

I don't have a problem with my right foot, but my skate tongue on my left foot always slides off it and thus, my foot/ankle area never seems to be feel stiff or right enough. Only on a rare occasion do I get it to 'feel' right.

Does your skate tongue not stay centered on your foot when you play? Others have mentioned skate baking, but you may need to get your skate boots punched out around the outside area of the ball of your foot, to give you better foot positioning.

Only you know your foot. You need to tell us if you have a high or low arch, a wide, narrow or flat foot, and if you have any foot problems like pro-nation, hammer-toes, bunions or such. They will affect your skates/skating.

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