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09-19-2010, 03:42 AM
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Just to peek in the conversation...

In some interviews... when asked about the ballard trade..

tallon said that ballard's paycheck was wayy to big for him to swallow... since we need some help on the forward line.. and we have some decent D /D prospects to play around with (look at garrison cutting the line decently last season).. that he traded ballard to rejuvenate our forward line with different players/prospects... Grabs - Big Ben - and a prospect..just a different view to that part..

was the trade a good move? Personally i like it alot..

Now, back to Deboer.. lets look at his situation with the cats.. did he come in and coach a full roster of playoff veteran players that had brilliant chemistry and fire to push for playoffs?

pfft no way..

he had to work with what he has.. unifying the team slowly..

He had to deal with a team that basically trades/reworks half their team roster for his entire rookie season..

"Look at philly how the had their coach fired/replaced and they made it to the playoffs..." They BARELY made it in.. and they have key players in their line up that any coach would love to have..

Last season we had a slew of new players trying to adjust to each other...

now it's the same this year.. a bunch of players in and out..

Now i understand that every team goes through this process somewhat... but you have to look at what he has now on the ice..

With the way the team is looking now.. i like where we stand..alot.. im very very excited...
but its going to take time for us to develop a play-off contending
team.. im not expected deboer to work magic... not expecting him to be a saint..

But, every team has a "identity" that everyone talks about.. tallon walks in shines his brass balls around to everyone and basically says that we are going to be a tough team to play against.. mean and gritty....hey that sound awesome..

Last year i thought we fell short of that.. (counting injuries.. and shortcomings)..

with tallon on board.. and the players we have.. i will be judging peter for HOW the game is being carried out every night.. and HOW he shifts his lines through the season (with peters.. and the other players we have)..HOW his players deal with the situations on the ICE.. There could be a bunch of altercations in the locker room.. pfft i don't happens.. if it doesnt happen that would be completely weird.. he was trying to push his players to be better.. WHICH WE NEED TO HAPPEN.. if he didn't do it.. he wouldn't be doing his job..

altercations happen all the time.. but we know our place and do our job... crap look at the stones/beatles.. they hated each other..but they made it

if it spills over to the ice then that's a problem...

i personally think this whole "heated screaming match" debate is kinda of lame.. . im interested whats on the ice every game..

To me he worked hard with what he has but can't hack being a somewhat rookie nhl coach with the players we have.. it's hard..

i see him being replaced if the team does not toughen up soon.. but think we should give him a shot.. specially tallon on board and the new team we acquired..

just a different light to the conversation.

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