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09-19-2010, 10:16 AM
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I'm just gonna copy and paste a post I wrote in a similar thread:

Doing cardio for over an hour will help if your training for a marathon but in a sport like hockey it will be detrimental because of the hit it will take on your muscle mass. Unless you eat extremely well and treat your body like a temple, running that much will deplete your body of needed energy and muscle mass. Hockey is a great blend of aerobic and anerobic exercise so you need a good balance in your off ice training.

A good training method is to do interval training, it helps with explosiveness, keeps the matabolism up, is quick to do (20 mins MAX) and most importantly wont eat away at your muscle mass.

What I do is simply, run around the block. Ill jog for 4 houses, sprint for 4, jog 3, sprint 4, jog 2 sprint 4 etc. then Ill go back up 3 jog 4 sprint 4 jog 4 sprint....ill do this for about 15-20 mins. I'm 6'1 200lbs and in decent (not great) shape and its SUPER tough for me to build muscle so I dont want to loss what I have.

I try to keep my cardio/HIT training to every other day, as someone else posted You need time to repair. ANY exercise is destroying mucle fiber and the rest between training is what allows these muscles to repair and grow stronger (heart and lungs included).

That being said, if you just want plain old endurance and dont care about losing muscle, or you are a great athlete with muscle definition, a rowing machine is awesome for endurance. With a knee injury I'd stay away from distance running to start but ease into it-running is simple and effective. Or Try the eliptical machine or a stationary bike...Really anything is better than nothing and when you feel pain in the joint, Stop.

Good luck

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