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09-19-2010, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
How do you think he played with the Pens when they won the cup?
The impact wasn't the same, though. I will agree that it's arguable, however. Scuderi and Orpik had as much/more ice in similar capacities, but then for us so did Gorges. I would say that the Gill/Gorges defensive contribution, next to Halak's goaltending and Cammalleri's goal-scoring was crucial for our little playoff run. I would say the Penguins would have won the Cup without Hal Gill. But one's mileage may vary and I won't counterargue if somebody saw things a bit differently.
Personally I would sign him until he's 40 for 1m - 1.5m / yr because I have no doubt that if used sparingly but in key situations he will continue to be clutch. Too much 5 and 5 we'll have issues-- It's just that he's so effective in what he does well I'm willing to take on that trade-off.
I wouldn't sign him to anything right now, mind you. I like the idea that we watch him and Hamrlik closely, and retain *one* of them. But I think the one we pick, presuming they both mount a reasonable challenge at the peak of what we can realistically expect from them this season, is worth around $3M. For me, that's a short-term deal either way. Hence a bigger premium.

I wouldn't sign either until he's 40, no way. And I wouldn't expect them to take $1M-$1.5M even on a "retirement" contract either. I don't see that as a realistic option from the player's perspective. But nor one that I would pursue anyway from management.

$3M per on a 1- or 2-year deal for one of them is what would be in the back of my mind for now. I'd actually be HOPING that they earn it over the course of the season, not that I'd have to be looking at something less. But until the season gets played, it's not realistic to have any serious expectations.

Now, if Gill had been scheduled for UFA *THIS SUMMER* and the only way we'd have been able to keep him was to offer $3M, then I would have bit down hard on my reservations and signed him for that.

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