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09-19-2010, 11:22 AM
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My endurance has always been awful, and I cough for 20-30 minutes after games. I got checked out for sports asthma but the inhaler didn't do anything. Either I have COPD at the age of 27 and not being a smoker, or I'm horribly out of shape.

I started doing SimpleFit ( a month ago. It's 100% free, just a website with exercises. It's pullups, pushups, squats. That's it. It's a bodyweight circuit, so it works out your muscles, but because you're doing it fast, your heart REALLY gets going. Mine gets up to 160 bpm.

This weekend, I played three games in 24 hours. No coughing.

To repeat, for five years, I've been playing hockey. Probably 250+ games/ice times. I'm not coughing anymore.

I tried sprints and running but my knee doesn't hold up that well. The squats will help build up some leg and knee strength, and honestly, what are you doing when skating? Bodyweight squats/lunges. Pullups/pushups make you stronger for shooting and pushing guys around.

I'm going to add a core component for lower back and ab strength, maybe situps or planks or something. But right now I'm pretty happy with this progress!

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