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09-19-2010, 01:38 PM
Michal Jordan
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Hello fellow Cane fans.......

Name: HisIceness

Age: 22

Sex: Yes, oh sorry, Male

Where You're From: Durham

Where You Live Now: Charlotte, finally home to the baby 'Canes

Nationality: American

Hair Color: Brown, but if I shaved my head would I have a hair color?

Eye Color: Blue

Mode of Transportation: Ford Taurus

Job: Stuff and Things, ya know

What brought you to HF Boards: Been a lurker for about a year, found it through google

How you became a hockey fan: Going to Raleigh Icecap and Checker games

How you became a Canes fan: '99 Playoffs got me interested.

Favorite thing about being a Canes fan: Tailgating, being the only major league team in the Triangle, 2002, 2006, 2009, pissing off so-called traditional hockey fans when we win, a lot of female fans

Favorite Cane's Player(s): I root for them all, but Cam Ward for I was once a goaltender for my street hockey team.

Favorite NON Cane's Player(s): Rick Nash, Shane Doan, Brad Richards, Steven Stamkos, Marty Turco

Other Sports You Like: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Track and Field events

Other Sports Teams You Cheer For: Atlanta Braves, NCSU(all sports), Dallas Cowboys(I can hear the boos already), Carolina Panthers and other NFL teams with NCSU players on them, Charlotte Bobcats.

College Attended/Attending: School of Easy Times

Video Game Systems Owned: PS2

Favorite Game(s): EA Sports NHL whatever year

Music You Listen To: Almost everything except Disney/boy/girl Pop, emo-punk pop, and mainstream rap. Love 90's music especially

Favorite Movie(s): Too many to name, but I watch Miracle a lot

Favorite Book(s): Chronicles of Narnia, Bible, Boys of Winter

Favorite Food(s): Chicken, BBQ, Shrimp,

Favorite TV Show(s): King of the Hill, Whose line is it anyway, Simpsons(when they were at their prime), Hells Kitchen

Hockey Jerseys In Wardrobe: Red Cam Ward, and thats it.

Anything Else: My username is in reference to Michal Jordan. I was gonna call myself CaniacInCharlotte, but thought that sounded boring.

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