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09-19-2010, 03:27 PM
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A brief reprieve from my anti-message board stance but I feel compelled to share my insight after attending Day 2. My thoughts:

Not as much jump in the step as was reported from the first day (I was not there yesterday). The coaching staff really stressed high tempo. The players tried but they looked a little tired. Same drills as always. Players who looked good in drills were Blake, Sutton, Vishnovsky, Spisa, Ryan, Selanne and Bodie. Getzlaf kept losing a one-on-one skating drill with Sutton and it was amusing seeing them jaw with each other. Fowler was real good at this drill.

Igor Bobkov is a giant, Peilmeier gets beat high often and Hiller's mask looks stupid.

Stephane Veilleux is a little *****. Everyone seems to be very pleased with his energy and effort but he taking runs at guys who aren't his teammates and they weren't happy about it. Today he laid a big hit on Etem during the first half of the scrimmage (clean hit if this were a real game) and drew the ire of Belesky and others in the vicinity. I get the feeling he isn't liked. I don't like him. Other than throwing his weight around he didn't do much else. I don't expect a contract for this idiot.

Darks won 4-1 in the scrimmage with goals by Selanne, Belesky, Bodie and someone else. I believe Chipchura got the lone white goal. Fowler was paired with Mara and Sutton and looked good. He moves so well with the puck and doesn't panic. He doesn't play physical and he probably never will. He relies on positioning and stickwork. Being paired with Mara and Sutton allows him not have to be so physical. He has a pretty underrated shot too.

Ryan Carter has no business being on this team. He seems to have gotten worse since being waived.

Teemu, Blake and Koivu had a lot of jump in their steps. Really encouraged by their effort right now. The player I felt who looked the sharpest out of everybody was Bobby Ryan. He was hustling and dangling like crazy. He seems very driven right now.

As for rookies Etem looked pretty good. Skates like the wind even though he looks stupid doing it. You can tell he needs to get the timing down but skating wise he's legit. Smith-Pelley is awesome. The kid works hard and never gives up on a play. With his size and energy he will make this team in a couple of years. Palmieri looked ok. Holland was solid. He has great instincts and sweet hands. Liking his game right now. Newton has a fan club following him but he was unimpressive. Valentine surprised me a bit. Mitera had his moments but you can tell he needs a big year in the A to boost his confidence. He doesn't look comfortable out there.

As for the new guys I like what I'm seeing out of Sutton and Mara. Sutton skates a lot better than I was expecting and Mara moves the puck bette than I thought. Sutton through a big hit on Sbisa during the scrimmage. Mara has a good shot. Voros skates hard and has pretty good size. I'm anxious to see him in preseason games because I couldn't get a good read on him in practice.

The other vets looked good. They've all been through this before and know what they're doing. Sexton had a lot of jump today. You can tell he's itching to stick around.

Today was the only day I was going to attend and I'm going to resume my anti-message board stance. Oh and Dave Taylor was there scouting. My gut says he was looking at that ****** bag Veilleux. Really nice guy.

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