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04-26-2005, 02:04 AM
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Originally Posted by TwzKing
I guess im a sucker then because i will always be a season seat holder..... even if they didnt win a single game..... i love my team.... But the 'Narchs need to step it up and play tuff the whole game...... not in spurts.... and can we get some "D" infront of Garon..... its not his fault.... and for the first time ever i think the ref's need to be a little more sharper out there.... there letting to much go.... just my two cents.
Im not saying im going to totally abandon the team. I just wont be a STH if this trend continues. I will still go to the games next season, ill just buy my tickets the way allot of other people do, at the box office.
Garon still needs to be better thou. the defense has been up and down all season and he has for the most part been pretty good. He is very capable of taking this team on his back and playing well. But in my opinion it isnt going to be this season. They have to start Hauser in game 4 if they want any chance to win this series.

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