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Originally Posted by Tapp View Post
I suppose I’ll offer up my observations on Kostitsyn which seems to be a little different from a lot of others. I will agree that he didn’t do anything to wow me, today. But I didn’t see anything that left me thinking he was “disinterested”. He was on a line with Lundmark and Hörnqvist. I thought they were very talkative between rushes. I watched Kostitsyn talk with Lundmark multiple times, Lundmark and Hörnqvist talk multiple times, and Hörnqvist and Kostitsyn talk. Who knows what they were talking about, but I assumed they were talking about either what just happened or what they wanted to do on their next go at it. As an example, after one shift, as they waited their turn Kostitsyn skated over to Hörnqvist and started talking and gesturing down ice.

I thought they were one of the more successful lines at scoring during the line exercises today. A tip of the hat goes to Lundmark who really made me take notice as he did most of the scoring on that line. Hörnqvist chipped in a few. I don’t remember Kostitsyn scoring (he may have and I didn’t catch it), but I thought he contributed with a couple of nice passes – and I never caught myself thinking – well he just screwed that up. True, on that line, today, I would have rated him third – because Lundmark did so well, and Hörnqvist brought his normal work ethic around the net. But again, I thought the three, together, were one of the more productive lines.

I normally don’t post my thoughts after practices or even games, but since I didn’t get the impression that Kostitsyn was “disinterested” or “bored”, I thought I’d say so – as a bit of a counterview. It was day one on the ice. I’m more than happy to wait and see how this plays out for all the guys.

(PS - I hate that Klasen may not get a chance to make a case for himself during camp. Hopefully, he will recover from the concussion quickly and be able to start stating his case. I did read in a Swedish paper that this is his first concussion.)
I'm a Knights fan (where SK played Jr) and also a Habs fans. I was curious about how SK was doing so far in camp for the Preds.

Last year when things went totally off the rails for SK in Montreal it was a weird situation. I don't want to bog down your thread with conjecture about what happened, so I'll just stick with the concept mentioned that SK seems "bored or disinterested"

When he got sent down to the AHL last year one of the Habs fans in that AHL town kept harping about the same "bored and disinterested" complaint. Watching him play first hand I sometimes wonder what those folks are talking about. I don't know if folks are just predisposed to label the kid because they don't like him, or because they expect a certain style of play. Or they just aren't used to him

I've watched this kid played since 1995. He's not the type to run around expending a lot of energy just to look like he is doing something. He covers his check on PKs effectively through good positional play and anticipation. He is more of a playmaker than a scorer

In one game in Jr it went to a 5 min OT on the road. The Knights took a penalty with less than 2 minutes so it was 4 on 3. Shortly after they took another penalty which created a 5 on 3 Penalty Kill situation for the balance of the game . SK was on the ice covering the man at the blueline. Without a lot of running around he managed to separate the puck from the man he was covering and go down the ice to score an improbable 2 man short handed game winner.

On powerplays (5 forward power play unit with no D men) SK was the ONLY guy back at the blueline. The other 4 were boxed down low to set up a cycle side to side that often went through SK. Not only was he dependable enough to handle that task without coughing up the puck, if he did have to hustle back on D he did so without any problem

He managed to handle both PK and PP roles successfully without looking like one of those people on a sugar rush. He's not much of a talker. He does have a temper.

As long as he has played for the Belarus national teams (World Jrs, Olympics etc), and he has been a regular, he has always been one of their best players. So I am not getting this whole bored and disinterested angle

I hope Preds fans give the kid a chance. He has had a rough ride the last couple of years and didn't deserve all of the criticism thrown his way. But if you actual see him dog it and cost the team in some way then let him have it. I can't say I ever really saw much of that in Montreal. It mainly seemed to be "off ice" stuff reported in the press that led to negative perception of on ice play

I hope SK works out great for you. In the right situation he can really be an asset

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