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09-20-2010, 02:21 AM
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Originally Posted by smitty10 View Post
IMO Schlumpf and Berger have 0% chances at making an NHL roster this season. If anything they are playing for a contract that would place them in the ECHL or AHL, but neither of them have any chance at all of making the NHL this season.

When was the last time you saw players passed over in draft(s) and then make an NHL team out of camp or even played that season? It just doesn't happen. They have a shot at an NHL/AHL contract, but they will both be in junior again in a week or two regardless of how they play (except Berger who COULD be in the AHL/ECHL).

Mayer also has a 0% chance of making the NHL this year and will probably play back-up in the AHL or starter in the ECHL. Josi has an outside chance at playing an NHL game this season, but is still behind Sulzer, Ellis, Laakso and Blum on the depth chart.
That's what I'm saying. They'd need real exploits to get a contract. C'mon, 5 or 15% doesn't matter, this just means I don't see them on a team on opening night. I rounded them up, also because simek for example has a real shot, he always made it to the last cut and had a good AHL season last year.

Josi will be one of the call-up men if there'll be injuries, that's sure. Laakso and Blum are not way ahead of him. Sulzer is on a one-way contract so he'll probably already be on the roster in october, maybe as #7.

I see Hiller, Streit, Sbisa, Nino, and Wick on an NHL roster next month.
Weber, Gerber, Josi, Blindenbacher and Simek with call-up chances, in that order.
To be honset, I'm not really into the Blindebacher situation, but they just re-signed Niskanen and seem pretty loaded with average defenders. I personally don't think Blindi is an NHL type of player, but maybe that's just me and I hope I'm wrong

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