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09-20-2010, 08:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Freaky Habs Fan View Post
don't push it...there was a lot of bad pick in NHL history...and it's not like he was selected in the top 10 where players should at least become decent...
To me one of the worst aspects of the Fischer pick is more the "buzz" from the combine and the lead-up to the draft. It didn't seem like it was just one or two kooks coming up with something random. I tend to trust Gare Joyce and read his stuff after the fact, but even in the days leading up there were many others, basically raving over how terrible Fischer had come off. His stock sure seemed to be in for a big drop. Teams had him marked as No Draft. He's kind of a special case of draft failure, perhaps.

Every team misses some guys. Or has injuries affect their development. Or you can argue whether or not it's smart to take a player who mostly projects as a character/depth guy like Chipchura or Tinordi instead of a player who has higher perceived upside.

But there are other cases which leap off the page more to me. Fischer is one, based on all that lead-up. I never saw him play before the draft of course. Hardly ever since, even. Or in the case of the Chouinard pick, I *had* watched him play and just did not understand the pick relative to other players I had also watched play. That's one that I just couldn't believe professional scouts couldn't see. Maybe we all have different ones of those, but I didn't feel very unique in that feeling, it seemed to be a popular sentiment at the time too.

Some busts are worse than others in terms of holding them against the scouting dept, is basically what I'm saying. And even then, there's so much subjectivity in making that peanut gallery evaluation. Still, the Fischer case sort of stands out to me. Even other "busts" like Jessiman at least get signed to a contract, say. They fail to make it after a few years of trying. O'Marra, perhaps. But it's more rare for them to just be let go unsigned. That's like "epic bust" for a 1st rounder. And there really aren't so many of those around.

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