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09-20-2010, 11:19 AM
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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
Pretty much. I really don't care that Phil doesn't want to entertain us with interviews or that NotHelen can't get an interview. She can talk to Leiweke anytime she wants if she wants the owner's point of view on any issue.

AEG isn't perfect. They have invested in an infrastructure and provided the financial stability that the organization woefully lacked for some time. LOL at any one that longs for the days of Bruce McNall and his ownership style. AEG lets the pros do their jobs.
I think she gave an incredibly balanced view on that. You might not care if Phil wants to talk to us, and i agree i don't care, as he does have a representative to do that, but it is okay if the general public wants to hear from the owners occassionally.
She wouldn't really be a responsible journalist if she didn't at least try to speak to this guy imo, but she admits that this is his style and he doesn't do interviews.

The fact that people want to hear from the owners about rising prices while supporting a losing franchise, is not a problem in my estimation. Again it doesn't bother me because i am not directly impacted, being a distant Kings fan, but i certainly respect the voices of those that are impacted and want some answers. It is her job to challenge those issues.

In respect to McNall, she concedes he was kind of a centre of attention type of guy, and that the current owners have made a decision to present themselves or not in a different manner. She doesn't say that is good or bad. We all like different managment styles, from the more gregarious, openess of a maybe a Mcnall style to the style of the current leadership. This one suits you, where for another they might find it frustrating because it is impersonal.

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