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10-04-2003, 05:01 AM
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Originally Posted by arinkrat
What Bryan Murray did was take a chance that Kariya was willing to stay in Anaheim for less than $10M/yr. But if Kariya and Murray discussed what Anaheim's plans were as Murray said they did (see what I said above re:the Globe and Mail article), then Kariya deliberately mislead Murray into thinking he was agreeable to taking a pay cut when he really wasn't. This misrepresentation might have been a factor in Murray taking the chance of not qualifying Kariya.
Wasn't Kariya interviewed recently in the OC register and said that he wasn't aware of not being given his qualifying offer until an hour before the deadline. Indicating he hadn't held any discussions with Murray about taking a paycut?

You know I can see why the Ducks fans don't like Kariya and I don't blame them. Though when you look at it Federov>Kariya so they are a better team because of the move. Why still moan and groan about it. Kariya's departure has done the team a favour.

Maybe its time to get over it. If not at least leave the Kariya bashing off a decent thread like this one.

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