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09-20-2010, 01:05 PM
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Originally Posted by No Team Needed View Post
montreal offered him a contract and he turned it down because he wanted to stay in college. he never got another contract offer after that. hence the 50th overall pick.
As I said, he is a rare case of bustdom, bustier than the usual bust.

Still, I wonder if the team would have signed him if the #50 pick wasn't available? Suppose it was sign him or get nothing... do they sign him? Small amount of mud in the water there. But he still stands out.

Thing is, it should be possible for us to acknowledge how his case stands out, while still casting no overall aspersions on the performance of the staff, or on Timmins' overall competency, etc. I don't know who you think is the greatest scouting director in history. Suppose it was David Conte, say. Suppose he took this kid Adrian Foster as a late-1st gamble when everybody was marking him down due to not playing. Etc. The nature of the beast is that EVERYBODY makes mistakes. It's why it IS a gamble. Doesn't mean that Fischer wasn't a bust, or even an especially busty bust. The 50th pick in 2011 or Mathieu Carle's pick doesn't really factor into it. The pick was still the wrong one, and its wrongness was magnified by many people in the business seemingly believing AT THE TIME that it was the wrong one. That's rarer.

I still like the overall job that the Habs are doing at the draft table, however. I was not really promoting anybody in that draft myself. Maybe Wishart. But without my usual conviction. The book is not closed yet, but Fischer and Persson might be the only ones who don't at least play a game in the NHL? A couple guys in the 2nd round didn't get signed, but maybe nobody else in the 1st?

Out of a field of let's say 10 projected 1st round draft "busts" in 2006, Fischer is probably the bustiest.

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