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09-20-2010, 12:15 PM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
had we not decided to bring into camp 4,548,001 forwards for tryouts, i would have said, after stepans recent performance, that he was a lock to make the team. now im only pretty sure he will.

as for mcd, im positive hes got one of the 7 d spots locked up.

stepans the guy i want to see make the team outa camp. ive seen nothing to make me believe he cant and i think he has a very real chance of success.

just not sold on this

capt quaalude
boyle/white/anyone else

this looks alot better
capt quaalude
Wow, its nice to see some optimism out of you. Personally, I'm not sure any of the tryouts are going to hinder Stepan. Torts and Sather are both totally sold on the guy, and granted they may or may not be idiots, they're the possible idiots who have the power. I'd be downright shocked to see them put some burnt out NHLer looking for a comeback in the lineup over Stepan. The team needs a playmaking center more than anything at this point and he may have just fallen into their laps.

My only other comment is that if Stepan is getting top 6 minutes, I'd assume its going to be on the top line most of the time. He'd be the most "true" playmaker on the team, so it'd be make most sense to put him with the two big guns, plus it'd be a huge confidence booster being out there setting up Gabby every game.

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