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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
Did you even read the post you're responding to? He's not bent out of shape because people pay attention to contracts. He's bent out of shape because people are saying its a good thing that the captain of the NYR is going to miss the beginning of the season when he's a hard worker and a dedicated captain who is ultimately an asset to this team.

You talk as though disliking him for his contract someone lessens the burden that it causes. It doesn't.
I know how to read thanks. You, and him, obviously aren't capable of putting things into context.

If you guys can't figure out that people are making ridiculous statements like that because of the guy's contract then I don't know what to tell you.

Are you correct in the elementary way you're looking at it? Sure, and I agree with you. But what I'm saying in response to him is there's no use getting bent out of shape when people start knocking Drury. It all comes back to the contract.

Originally Posted by Jaromir Jagr View Post
This is mainly bad news based strictly on the fact that Wade Redden has the ability to make the team now, at least a lot more-so than before. Drury on the IR would open up the cap space for him to make the team.

Now what I envision happening is him winning a spot, playing for a few games, and eventually they realize they made a mistake, send him down, and Drury comes back on the team.

This is still trouble though. Nobody wants to see Redden play in a NYR uniform this year. The larger issue at hand is not that Drury will miss a few games, it's that Redden's chances of making the team have suddenly intensified.
I'm not quite sure how IR works but how does this change anything? It's a broken finger. And the time table is four weeks. When he's ready to play, he's going to play.

The Rangers know that. If the plan is for Redden to go to Hartford, why are they going to wait an extra week and a half?

Just doesn't really change things IMO.

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