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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
This is a good idea.

I don't agree, the mods I've consulted on this afaik don't either.
Heres why. The difference in season ticket cost vs per game cost is significant. For instance by my understanding a seasons ticket for gallery seats cost 1292bucks for 41+4 exhibition games. So the base price/ticket is 28.71 which is significantly different than the base individual game price ticket of 43bucks. Much different than the multitude of people in this thread wanting to sell these tickets for 55bucks which is a huge markup on price paid.
No matter how its argued this IS a markup by the person offering tickets for sale for individual games when its obvious at this point that their outlay has been for seasons tickets.

Its more fair that theres not gouging. In fact its the rules here. No scalping.

No judgment on price should be required. The people posting tickets far in excess of actual price paid are profiting and are using this site to in effect scalp their tickets here for profit. Which is a contravention of the rules here.
This kind of went on for awhile but I'm noting its now so commonplace that its going to stop and with each post here subject to review.

The seasons tickets holders that are "packaging their seasons ticket into unauthorized "Minipacks" are clearly profiting and trying to put this one over on the board.

My intent is to give people a few days to look at their own offers in this thread, realize they are contravening what is being stated in the OP and in this feedback, and make adjustments accordingly or else risk consequence anywhere from warning to infraction to obviously being banned from making future offers in this thread. This could be a permanent thread ban if anybody is wondering.

If I could finally mention that since the first warning a poster in this thread has apparently felt they could post tickets available without even offering a price but to just contact via pm.This also is a contravention and will not be tolerated.
One other aspect of this that noone is realizing is that some of us are not season seat holders, however buy a quarter, half, or even full season worth of seats from season seat holders at obviously a premium (pretty close to face) just so we can get a few of those games that we really want to go to. If anyone that is not a season seat holder has ever tried to get a calgary, toronto, montreal, pittsburgh, or washington game through ticketmaster, you know its next to impossible as not only do season seat holders get their own seats, but also get first crack at whatever is left over before the general public does.
My point being that just because I have quite a few games posted, I may not have paid season seat prices (i.e. $28.71/seat), therefore I cannot afford to post them for much lower than face. And if I do this for every individual game that I have, I will sell the more popular games for face value easy (i.e. vancouver, detroit, etc), but will be stuck with a bunch of the less popular games which noone will buy for face. Thus to be fair, I post them for face and sell them in 2 game packages.

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