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09-20-2010, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by phaedrusDH View Post
i attended about a dozen Fronts games last year.
he doesn't have the smarts to be an NHLer.

- routinely takes bad penalties.
- misses assignments.
- poor passing, especially first passes out of the zone.
- unrelated to smarts, he's also a pretty poor skater.

he's got size, is physical and has a hard (not accurate shot), but that's about it...
I've gotta disagree with what some of what you say. He definitely has the smarts to be an NHLer. A 6'8" physical guy who's solid defensively and can skate like that will be an NHLer. I don't understand how you think he's a poor skater(for his size). Obviously he's not Bobby Orr, but he's not slow either. I don't think there's anything wrong with his hockey sense. And if there is, it's not so bad that it's a significant detriment.

Does he take bad penalties? Yeah. Does he intimidate opposing forwards and keep the front of his net clear? Yeah. It's part of the game for him. You take the good with the bad with a guy like that. Does he miss assignments? yeah, but not with any sort of regularity. He's got some holes to his game but he's solid enough in his own zone and his reach is ridiculous.

I've never noticed a problem with his passing. I've always thought that part of his game was decent, at least for a stay at home type. His offensive numbers are a bit inflated, but he might be able to bring a modicum of offense to the table in the NHL as well. Maybe Bryan Allen type production or a little better.

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