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09-20-2010, 11:40 PM
Hans Rutherford
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Just tried Southern Tiers Pumking Ale last night. Gotta say it was great. Very favorable, not highly jacked up with spices and very smooth and creamy. But I think I've really developed a taste for Dogfish Head's Pumpkin Ale more. It got an ok first impression from me, I thought the spices and everything were a bit over the top at first but after a few it just seemed right and now I love it. Love to just sit back at night, relax and just causally sip and enjoy it.

Also got a 6-pack of Rogues Mocha Porter last week. It was good but nothing great IMO, it just didn't have the strong heavy taste or kick I was expecting a porter from them to have... I'm not the best beer critic, I'd certainly drink it again but I probably look for something else first. I haven't gotten off of the best foot with Rogue. I didn't think much of the Dead Guy Ale and the Mocha Porter I was just slightly disappointed with, but mainly because my expectation may have been a little high for it.

Beers I think I'll try next list:
Dogfish Head - Indian Brown Ale (whenever I find some)
Troegs - Doppelbock

Any input on them or new suggestions are appreciated. I'm thinking of trying an IPA, any good suggestions to start with? I'm thinking Dogfish Head - 60 min IPA?

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