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09-21-2010, 05:30 AM
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I'm not sure if those some with spacers or not. I bought mine off eBay used, so it came with no hardware. What I ended up doing was going to a hardware store and buying some 3/8ths nylon or plastic washers and 3/4ths inch machine screws. You might wanna go with a full inch, depending on the thickness of your shield and how you want your shield to go on there, etc. I can't remember the thickness of the screw so just bring in one from your helmet and I'm sure someone there can help you find a suitable match.

For a large S9 I only needed 4 washers and screws, but for something smaller you may need thicker spacers or double up on them. Trip to the hardware store cost me less than 5 bucks with extras to spare.

It's a fairly easy process, just took me some time and help to keep everything in the right place while I screwed everything tight. Just make sure not to strip the threads in the helmets spacers.

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