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09-21-2010, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I've seen some posters in this thread including preseason game gallery packs as if preseasons games were 50 buck ticket value..

What does this have to do with the boards policy? The board is not here for people to make profit or leverage best deals on ANY game or cover alleged losses etc. Not our problem.

NO, people are trying to profit here pure and simple. Requesting much more money than they paid for tickets. Not allowed.

Again this isn't the boards problem. The rules are clear. No one game can be sold here for a markup.

You probably don't have this as background but this board allowed this thread only as a favor to people that might want to fairly exchange tickets here at or below price.
There was never any mention or allowance of people being able to charge more than they paid.
In short this is the type of thread that requires the cooperation of all participants or it gets shutdown or some people get banned from the thread period.
ftr I'm only answering a few questions here out of basic civility. This is not going to be negotiable.
Frankly a few people in this thread chronically selling tickets are not even participants of this board and are only interested in ONE AGENDA selling tickets. Again this is not appropriate use of this messageboard. Its a usual case of a few people ruining something for everybody else.

People can clean up the mess themselves and alter their posts to be consistent with parameters or suffer consequences.

People can do whatever they like with their tickets outside this board.

Thank you.

The reason I said "I may not have" is because I was generalizing since others could be in the same boat. Not trying to use "careful wording" to hide anything. A buddy and I paid $4100 for a full season of 2 gallery seats which works out to roughly $45/seat. All these tickets have a face value of $55.
I will be more than happy to sell any non-premium game (minnesota, phoenix, columbus) for my cost which is $45/seat if anyone is interested, however it would be unfair to ask me to sell them for $28 and take a loss.
On the other hand, if season seat holders are willing to sell theirs at $28/seat then that is their own choice in which case I am not likely to get a buyer for mine. The bottom line is that either way people on this thread are getting a better deal then if they bought at retail prices. Which to some degree is the purpose of this thread.
I am not trying to create a problem here, just asking for a fair judgement. And I dont see this as passing my losses (since I bought above season seat price) onto others, but rather giving them an option to save (by buying cheaper then retail).


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