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09-21-2010, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by PanthersRule96 View Post
lol a nice lineup (unless youre referring to carolinas perhaps)? it's a brutal line-up and doesn't even look as good as some of the best AHL lineups of last year haha. i know it's preseason and all but we're probably going to get destroyed unless Olesz is having a s****y day and is pissed off. Funny thing about this line-up is if you told me it was an AHL line-up, I would completely believe you. They'd probably be a pretty good AHL team, wonder what Sabrefan27 thinks?
Compare this lineup to Carolina's, it is about equal... You think we barely have an AHL roster ? We barely have any NHLers, so you may be right !!

Olesz-Santo-Repik would destroy the AHL, Repik had 53 points last year in 60 games basically doing it alone in Roch... Santo was the leading scorer for the Admirals two year in a row if I recall correctly !

After hearing PDB comments the other day, I thought we would look much worse than that... Don't forget that all those AHLers like you call them, are fighting for a spot on our team...

We also have Garrison, Weaver who should be big pieces of our defensive unit, just like Matthias and Grabner are penciled as breakout players...

Carolina is basically going in with their NHL defensemen and I'm not impress that much when you compare the two lineups !

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