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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
When you're building a team you have to consider the player vs their salary vs (in the case of the Meszaros and Gagne trades) additional assets required to obtain them.

I'm of the opinion it was entirely possible to assemble a similar team while giving up FAR less in assets (read: 2nd round pick and Gagne), as well as taking on less salary (read: taking on 3 defenseman at a total of 7 million dollars when we already had 5 capable NHL defenseman) both in the short term, and the long term, which could very well resulted in us NOT needing to trade Gagne.

So again, I expect to have no issues with the players we acquired; in fact I expect to like them. But that's not enough for me.
Well, they wanted Meszaros more than they wanted to having him go somewhere else while missing out on Michalek or Volchenkov too (having missed on Hamhuis).

I have no problem trading a 2nd pick for a 25 year old Dman who will very likely be an absolute stud for us for years to come. None at all. Esp. on a team that is ready to challenge again. Marshall was picked in the 2nd round how many years ago?

As far as trading Gagne, get over it. It was a salary dump of a player they wanted rid of. As I documented on here before, Gagne said he was asked to waive about a month before he was dealt, right around June 18 or 19 when they acquired Hamhuis' rights.

That means in the week after they lost out, they did an assessment and decided Gagne had to go as priority one.

What does that tell you? It tells me they had to think about it for, oh, five seconds to decide. Which tells me they'd decided to do it long before that.

Why? We may never know. They may have still been mad that Gagne risked his season (although not the $5.25M the Flyers owed him) because he rushed back from surgery in a bid to make Team Canada when he wasn't healthy enough. That kind of thing ticks the Flyers off.

Whatever the reason, when they sat down to assess the season and plan for the next one, the first things on the agenda were:
1. upgrade the D
2. get rid of Gagne to do it.

And I really think they like Walker, so despite his high salary, he will can a valuable role player this year, in what should be a contending year. Then, if O'Donnell walks, they'll have Walker for the 3rd pairing to play with one of the kids.

Oskars, well, I like him but he's not really THAT good that he will be missed if they have to deal him. Marshall will be ready by next year, or maybe Bourdon or Gustafsson or Bodrov.

This idea that they coulda, shoulda, woulda done something else ignores the fact that the decisions teams make are done in real time.

It's easy to sit back and say, well, they could've had Volchenkov instead of Meszaros if they waited. IF is the operative word.

And some would argue that Mez is a better overall player, and there was no guarantee that Volch could be obtained. Bird in the hand at 11:45 on July 1 is better than two in the bush you never catch after 12 noon.

They tried to get Nabby and Turco, who had other agendas. They signed Leighton, then looked at Ellis too, but he preferred Tampa. What can you do?

Many teams fail in their bids to upgrade or replace players (see LA).

Homer doesn't. You can whine about the price or the salary all you want, but Homer has shown he can make the tough decisions he needs to make to get the players he wants.

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