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09-21-2010, 03:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Trojan35 View Post
If I'm understanding this correctly...
  1. You captained a team.
  2. It broke up.
  3. Half started a new team, without you as captain.
  4. The other half started a new team, without you at all.
  5. And now that other half still doesn't want you playing with them.
We can call that politics , but to me it just sounds like your prior teammates don't like you.
No offense but I was kinda thinking the same thing that or they don't want to play your style

Originally Posted by Openicehit6 View Post
I'm in the middle of it right now..

I run a team that plays in the B league here in the STL area, we've got a solid team top to bottom, but we've got an older guy (45) who is great in the lower leagues but it absolutely killing us in this league that were playing in, we have playoffs Thursday night and I'm on the fence of not bringing him back, great guy-warrior attitude, but simply overmatched
Let the man play for god sakes he's 45 what else does he have to look forward to after work going home and watching Burn Notice and eating a Salad? My dad and step mom are 49 and thats what they do hang out with the dogs watch there shows and eat dinner.

it's rec hockey it's for fun it may not be fun watching him get burned but it's just for fun might be the only thing he gets to do during the week with the guys.

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