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09-21-2010, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by DelZottoFutureNorris View Post
Great post. You'll probably get flamed by morons even though you clearly covered yourself with the last sentence. But you're 100% right. We know his gifts. His hockey IQ and ability to have success in the pro leagues (AHL and NHL) are UNKNOWN. Give the kid a break. He's got tons of potential. That's ALL you can ask for unless you've got a Sidney Crosby prospect who's been putting up 200 points a year vs older competition since he was 10. The arguments in this thread are beyond pointless. Kreider is a great "PROSPECT." Wait til he plays his first AHL(which I think he has the potential to SKIP but if he doesn't, it's no knock on his development curve at all either) or NHL game and then you can start with the wild claims either way.
I don't see anybody saying Kreider is going to be a slam dunk top line forward. I do however see people arguing that Kreider DOES indeed deserve his 8.5C rating... All that rating is saying is that he HAS the POTENTIAL to become a top line all-star quality forward, BUT , ( and here is where the C comes in) if his developement doesn't go as hoped, at worst he has the skills RIGHT NOW to re a third line forward for his career. So it's a pretty accurate rating

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