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Originally Posted by deriik2020 View Post
He doesn't and you know this based on the years of watching him? No you haven't because he hasn't played at a higher level for more than ONE YEAR. Right now he's been given low responsibilty in areas he was never expected to have any responsibility in and he excelled. He obviously is what 19 years old no duh of course he still has to develop but you have been making definitive statements which is why people are looking at you like you have 5 heads in this thread. Is it really so hard for your ego to just shut off and admit that there isn't enough evidence so you dont know yet? You wasted 3 paragraphs explaining how Jagr was an elite player and Sjostrom was not and pretty much had nothing to do with what we are talking about. All to make yourself sound smart about a question that has no answer yet.
I am sorry that you interpret it like that, wasn't my intention.

Look, I don't know how many times I've seen Kreider. Definitely more then 10 games but less ten 20. Thats more then enough. I am not saying that I am right or wrong, its just my opinion -- but I can guarantee you that I would have had the same opinion of him if I just had seen 2 games or 40 games. I wouldn't need more then 1 period to see that McIlrath isn't the second comming of Brian Leetch, and as underdeveloped as Kreider is in terms of creativity, I probably wouldn't need more then a couple of periods to see that he is a kid who lives on his fantastic engine but lacks in terms of smarts when it comes to creating offense.

Also, could you please explain to me how his previous roles/teams are relevant in this discussion? I've never said that its strange and what not, you take what you get and are thankful for it. Kreider is a great prospect. But world class creativity -- that he have not.

No it does not make sense at all when you consider what we are actually talking about. But you have been loist in that regard for awhile now. And how but you acknowledge the people like myself who said that exact thing about 1000 times now. Instead you say it as if you're the first and only one to say it. I'm flattered you're imitating me but I don't appreciate the plagiarism.

Thank you for your blatant plagiarism.
Please explain?

If you really believe what you just said you would realize how absolutely unneccassary your continued commenting is. Also again plagiarizing me and several others.Shows tremendous potential and yet "has none of that in him?" as far as creativity does that make any sense?
For a rangerfan who have followed this team for over 20 years, if someone shows 1st line potential -- thats tremendous potential. We aren't spoiled with that. I remember when Filip Novak was our nr 1 prospect. You know, the year after Jeff Brown was our nr 1 prospect. Which was the year after Christian Dube was our nr 1 prospect...

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