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09-22-2010, 03:31 AM
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Originally Posted by eco's bones View Post
I don't know what the Pittsburgh poster who started this debate really thinks of him. He seemed upset that Kreider was rated that high. He never said how he would rate Kreider himself. He never said anything about his top player Tangradi who is rated almost as high and who to be honest I don't think nearly has Kreider's upside.
Like I said before - I am aware of the awesome futility of debating whether a prospect is half a grade, a full grade or a corresponding letter too high or low. Doing it 'against' a prospect of another team, in their forum.... of course that only makes it more of a waste of time.

Anyway - the only thing I found incomprehensible is that a prospect as up in the air and unrefined as Chris Kreider is ranked alongside the most refined "can't miss" talents we've seen in latter years, and above a score of players who are much closer to meriting that status than Kreider is. Among forwards, Duchene is the most recent example of someone rated 8.5C. Bobby Ryan was 8B - Evander Kane 8B and Paajarvi 8C.
You can say one shouldn't discuss a prospect rating relative to other such... perhaps not, but that's my premise. Seing Kreider rated above such guys is what I cannot abide.

Yet- I would never have been compelled to argue if he'd been among the clutter of prospects rated 7.5 or even 8C whatever. There are so many of those and its a crap-shoot anyway. I'm solely miffed by the idea that he has in any way justified himself as a prospect of the most elite order, and in tearing him down some for the weaknesses I see in his game, that is all I have been trying to disprove, OK?

As for your Tangradi-remark.... Tangradi is 1 years older than Kreider and has come a long way since being drafted. He was rated like 7C the year after his draft and was barely in the Ducks top10.
Since then he fully exploded in his last year at Belleville (yes, rising after he exploded. Not before in the expectation that maybe he would) and is now on the cusp of our top6 which more or less justifies his ranking.

But screw rankings and meaningless numbers - Tangradi's upside? He has what it takes to be a Todd Bertuzzi in his prime for instance, beyond that it'd be the stuff of dreams for us. But he might also never break out scoring wise and be a Taylor Pyatt, although his puck skills seems too good to not do better than that.

Whether that is more or less promising than Kreider... well, I really don't know. If all goes as you guys hope, Kreider could be better. Sure. But there's a lot of ground to cover before it is reasonable to expect it and right now it virtually makes no sense to make parallels for him because he is so far from playing the game of an NHL'er, IMO.

And for better or worse I better stop here as the mod suggests.

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