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Originally Posted by adam graves View Post
Your not stating hes a horrible player...your stating hes a horrible player FOR THE MONEY. Thats the fallacy in your argument. You cant call a 24 yo whose scores about 15 goals per season prior to seeing his 25th birthday a horrible player. You would either sound silly or irrational.

What he is is an OK young player who was invested in by a prior GM to turn int a star and that investment is angering many fans. Direct your angst at JM.
The fallacy in this argument is trying to separate the player from his salary. In the new NHL, a player's salary is a part of how valuable a player is. There are examples all over the place. Look at Campbell in Chicago. He's a very good player, but his value is lower due to the contract he has.

No one blames Olesz for taking the contract Martin offered. Most admit that Olesz is a capable bottom 6 NHL player. HOWEVER, for his contract, that simply is not enough production. We can debate his effort or anything else, but the bottom line is his stats do not come anywhere close to justifying what he's being paid. And for a team on a budget, we need to carefully allocate what dollars we have, not waste them.

Unless you want this team to be on the hook for paying a 3rd liner 3.1M, 3.4M, 4M, 4.25M for the next 4 seasons, then Olesz needs to be bought out. Unless Olesz finally "matures" like we've been waiting for him to do for several years, then I don't see why he should remain part of this team.

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