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09-22-2010, 03:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
The Sabres as a whole are not very good to look at to be honest but Miller like Hasek before him can carry a mediocre team to a record/finish better then they should have.

Never underestimate the effect an elite goalie can have on a mediocre team.

Hasek in Buffalo ,, Cujo carrying weak Oilers teams , etc
Eh, Buffalo's roster is deceivingly average. They lack any house-hold names and don't have anyone flashy so the guys that do produce on their team (Roy for example) often go unnoticed even by hardcore fans.

For example, Roy has never scored less then 69 points in his last three seasons and Pominville has never scored less then 62 points in his last three. Both have had 80 point seasons in their last three seasons.

On defense, Tallinder (who is gone, I know) is an example of a guy who quietly got his stuff done.

The problem is that, outside of Miller, the rest of their team is (or was) completely average/mediocre. The best player outside of Miller is Vanek. That's pretty sad.

So their roster isn't bad enough to negate their excellent starting goaltending to the point where they'll get a top ten pick, but it also isn't good enough for any fan or analyst to take them seriously as a Cup threat or even a playoff threat.

So, yeah, they're very mediocre outside of Miller, but they do get a bit underrated at times. I think that, due to Boston likely taking the division and their losses on defense and offense (MacArthur, Mair, Tallinder, Lydman) they'll be worse then last year and either a low seed or a fringe playoff team.

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