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09-22-2010, 04:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
Halak is a good example of how far a hot goalie can take an average team recently. Plenty more examples
So, a goalie on a hot streak bringing a fringe playoff team through two seven-game series and then getting destroyed in the ECF is an example of a contender?

The forward and defense group for Montreal is arguably better then Buffalo's right now and Buffalo obviously has the better goalie. Bringing up a fringe playoff team that hasn't done jack **** in the last few years in the playoffs to prove that Buffalo is a serious threat isn't the wisest idea.

To dismiss the Sabres as a threat is a bit absurd.
...It is? Then why has pretty much no fan-base or analyst taken the Sabres as a serious Cup threat the last few years and why are many people claiming that the Sabres will be a lower seed, at best?

Show me legitimate reasons why the Sabres are a legitimate threat. Go on.

Would it be of equal worth to you if someone claimed because of your terrible goaltending that the Flyers are not a cup threat or playoff threat?
It would be laughable to claim that the Flyers aren't a playoff threat considering that they're as close to being a lock for the playoffs as you can get. Pretty sure most people acknowledge that we're a Cup threat and would be instant Cup favorites if we swapped out Boucher or Leighton for a decent starter.

Personally, I don't see us having a realistic shot at winning the Cup if we don't fix our goalie situation by the time the playoffs roll around. However, I'll be amazed if the goalie situation isn't resolved by then.

Let me ask you this. Is there any one player on the Sabres that you can realistically swap out for another player in the league that would instantly make them Cup favorites? Because the Flyers are only one swap away from being Cup favorites. Considering that we already have two promising goalies in our system ready to challenge to take over if necessary, it shouldn't be hard finding a replacement if our GM wishes to find one.

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