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09-22-2010, 06:04 PM
Fire the Refs!
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When I read the title I was thinking "Guy 1 is cocky, Guy 2 is pissed. Proceed to chirping then guy two punches him". But this was good. I've met my fair share of A-Holes in drop in, heck a 8 year old kid kept trying to check me and was chirping me (i hit him back and the mother freaked.). Also you have the rep players with the holier than thou attitude. You'll have the average or worse players make a few mistakes and then the "elitest" players will go *******. I went to a drop-in after my knee surgury, first time on the ice since. I slipped up and the guy scored on a breakaway, needless to say I switched teams because a guy offered. I proceeded to flipping the guy who chirped me over when he came to me, he didn't say anything to me after lol.

anyways Kudo's to you.

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