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Originally Posted by blueberrydanish View Post
Ive been playing for about a few months shy of 2 years now and Id say within a few months of playing I had my wrister down to where majority of the time it was nice and hard not really "floating" into the net. Obviously it has gotten much better since then and its easily one of my bread n butter shots, goalies say my release makes it hard to tell where Im goin to put it so combined with its speed its deadly(IF I HIT THE DAMN NET! I like to try and pick corners, bad habit as a D).

Now my slapper was the shot I wanted to learn since day one, so I worked my ass off on it to get my technique down pretty good. I can put alot behind em aslong as I do it all with the right motions, I still fluff one here and there in a game, but needless to say if someone has blocked one of my slappers before they tend to let it go by after that.

For a C league player my shot developed really quick and just keeps getting better, for now. The biggest thing that really helped me was my balance and being able to really lean into a shot which seems to be a majority of peoples issues, at my level atleast. Now Im sure if I started playing the sport as a youth, my shot woulddnt have developed anywhere near as quick as it did starting at 20, just because naturally your body changes and you are still learning how to use it the right way =p.
The funny thing is, I'll score more goals with ugly, fluttery wrist shots when I'm skating at a high speed, off balance from a bad angle and just surprise the goalie then when I set up and snap off a good one. It's actually very common.

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