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Originally Posted by Hustle and Flow View Post
Is LU hockey going DIII when the rest of the school goes DII?
No, They want to go DI. About 6-10 years ago they wanted to join the NCAA DI for men's and women's hockey but remain in the NAIA for all their other sports- the NCAA denied that. Now they're finally moving to the NCAA for 26 sports, for hockey to be DIII they'd have to give up scholarships (right now at the NAIA/ACHA called "LU Grants" ((for academics )), plus DII teams playing down can't participate in NCAA DIII Championship Tournaments (and LU at hockey all sports loves championships).

The Women's team is moving to NCAA DI and men's most likely will in a few years. The women can play in the ACHA DI until 2012 (like the other LU sports playing in the NAIA til '12) then a full season of NCAA play but not eligible for post season play and a full NCAA member by 2013.

The men's team is a bit stuck right now:
1) the current 1,000-seat LU Ice Arena in Wentzville is too small for NCAA men's DI hockey. In the past the Univ. has explored building a new 4-5,000-seat ice arena on campus or taking over the 9,500-seat Family Arena from the city of St. Charles.
2) And teams can't play up right now. But, There's a proposed NCAA rule for Aug 2011:
The practice of allowing schools to sponsor a single sport in a different division would be eliminated, except in sports where no championship is conducted in its division. Divisions II and III schools currently taking advantage of this opportunity would not affected unless they fail to conduct the sport in Division I for any ensuing year.
3) the other option is that the university has plan to continue to grow academically and athletically and there's been some rumors that their time in DII will be the minimal 5 years, plus reclassification period, until the entire athletic department moves to Division I.

Until then Lindenwood is stuck in ACHA DI

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