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Reordered Galiza's SPANISH LIST:

#1-Andres Iniesta -OM/RW,Spain,Barça,11/5/84- Top end talent, superb passing and vision habilities especially to find holes between the defenders, good shot and dribbling. His natural position is behind the strikers creating the team offensive play, he is the brain of spanish sub-21 team, but in barça Ronaldinho occupies that place and he plays as RW where he shows IMO his only weakness: the lack of top speed to pass the defenders.

#2-Fernando Torres -F,Spain,Atl. Madrid,20/3/84- First of all i want to say that i'm not a great fan of him and i think he is vastly overrated (especially by the spanish press). He is a good forward with above average skills (shoot, dribbling), good physically (speed, body, header) but lacks the killing instict of the greatest strikers. None the less, he is the franchise player for one of the historical teams in Spain and the starter forward of the national team since his 19.

#3-Sergio Ramos -RB,Spain,Sevilla,30/3/86 - Excellent right back with great speed. Playing in a defensive team like Sevilla means his defensive play is so good for a player of his age, but he contributes offensively as well. Next national team right back substituing Michel Salgado sooner than later.

#4-Kameni -G,Camerun,Espanyol,18/2/84- Has astonishing reflexes and stops a lot of penalties. For his age has a lot of experience. Like a lot of young goalies lacks the authority in the flying balls and the centres to transmit security to his defense, but this will problably come with the experience. At times allows soft goals (especially at the start of the season), But now is playing so well.

#5-Jesus Navas -LW,Spain,Sevilla,21/11/85- Plays as LW in sevilla, a defensive team where a player can never forget the defensive part of the game (thing that IMO is always good in the development of a player). None the less, he is a fast, skilled player (good dribbling to pass through defenders) with a great shot that contributes with a good amount of goals every season.

#6-Daniel Alves -RW,Portugal,Sevilla,6/5/83- Plays as RW, all that i said to sevilla players can be apply to him. Like Navas, is a fast player, with less skills but better defensively and fighthing more.

#7-Andoni Iraola -RB,Spain,Atl. Bilbao,22/6/82- Is a versatile player, can play as RB or RW or CB. Is a very fast player with good dribbling, playing in a all attack team.

#8-Ander Murillo -CB,Spain, Atl. Bilbao,22/7/83- Has played in every defensive position, LB, CB or RB but in the national team plays as CB. He is a good header and positionally sound. Playing in a all attack team (fact that helps development of offensive players but i think doesn't as for defensive ones) can probably seem that the defense of Athletic (formed all by young players, Del Horno, Gurpegui, Iraola, he ...) is bad, but this is false, they are a very good group of young defenders demostrating it in the national team.

#9-Moya -G,Spain,Mallorca,2/4/84- Great goalie, starter for Spain in all the categories (except the absolut) has a lot of hability and reflexes between the pipes but going out the net fails at times. The soft goal that allows at the Camp Nou was very odd, he usually doesn't make mistakes (after i make this line he make another horrible mistake against real sociedad but is a good goalie).

#10-Juanfran -RW,Spain,Real Madrid,9/1/85- old time winger that has a lot of dribbling, the defender never knows what he will make to beat him. Plays primarly as RW. But playing in madrid having Figo ahead and probably Joaquin will make him triumph on another team, because he is so good.

#11-Javier Garrido -LB,Spain,Real Sociedad,15/3/85- LB international for the under-21 (that has probably the best pair of fullbacks, he and S. Ramos), is a very good back that has an average defensive game but a well developed for his age offensive game, helping a lot his LW.

#12-Sergio Garcia -F,Spain,Levante (loaned by Barça),9/6/83- Plays for Levante, loaned by barça. Fast player, good striker and especially good in the 1vs1.

#13-Diego Capel -F/W,Spain,Sevilla,16/2/88- The gem of sevilla, i only see him in a couple of games and is a very fast and skilled player that truths in himself, so is always trying to make things happen. The future is in his hands, right now depends most of his head that in his football skills.

#14-Arizmendi -F,Spain,Atl. Bilbao,3/3/84- Very fast striker with good definition. Scored in every level but the presence of Torres probably is hurting his development because the athletic only plays with one pure striker.

#15-Mikel Arteta -OM,Spain,Real Sociedad,26/3/82- has returned to spain from Rangers to play in one of the worst teams of Liga. Plays as OM with good passing abilities and incredible experience for a player of his age, giving him the chance to handle the game, but in Real Sociedad, a struggling team, he is usually chasing other teams’ midfielders, making impossible for him to use his game.

#16-Hector Font -RW,Spain,Villareal,15/6/84- Plays as RW, playing in a defensive team as villareal his play is at times limited by this. But he has a good shot combined with above average speed and contributes with some goals coming from behind.

#17-Albert Zapater -OM,Spain,Zaragoza,13/6/85- Plays in the midfield (primary as an OM), a very creative and skilled player, was the surprise of the zaragoza in the preseason making the pro team out of the junior team.

#18-Thiago Motta -DM,Brasil,Barça,28/8/82- Versatile player (in barça played in all the midfiled positions and as LB), but his natural position is DM where he adds grit to a delicatessen team like Barça. Has a cannon in his left leg, scoring long shots whit regularity.

#19-Redondo -RW,Spain,Albacete(loaned by Valencia),17/4/82- Plays in albacete loaned by Valencia to gain experience, he is a RW with good speed and average skills but never stops fighting, he is a grinder.

#20-Mark Gonzalez -LW,Chile,Albacete,17/7/84- He is one of the fastest players of Liga, skill that he uses to pass the defender on the LW, that is his natural position.

#21-Fernando Llorente -F,Spain,Atl. Bilbao,26/2/85- Old time striker, very big (1'93) not slow but with limited skills. Having the athletic another forward with the same caracteristics (Urzaiz) can help his development a lot.

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