Thread: Speculation: Should SFY try and acquire Souray?
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09-23-2010, 04:09 AM
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I went with 'other' because I'm really not sure and the given reasons didn't persuade me either way.

I don't think he'd 'complete our defense'. His attributes would add to and complement our defensive core but are hardly the cure-all elixir of completion.

I don't think Edmonton will put him on re-entry waivers. They may waive him, they'll certainly try to trade him, they may trade other assets to facilitate it, but I don't think they'll pay half the remaining contract just to give him away for free.

I don't think he's a locker room cancer. I think the concept is overused, a side condition of humanity and its need for categorizing the perceived shortcomings of fellow men.

He does cost too much money. His contract lasting beyond next year is also of concern. Of all the "No" reasons, these stand out as the most logical ones for why the Lightning would stay away.

He isn't an ironman, but his injury history isn't all that atypical for an NHLer either. Nothing progressively degenerative apparent.

I think it would only work if Yzerman was looking for a way out of either Malone or Ohlund's longer term deals. As such, I don't want to see Ohlund nor Malone dealt to acquire Souray just because I think both are pretty fairly paid and are capable of contributing more to the teams success than Sheldon. So overall I lean toward "No", but if the asset costs were insignificant (see:Gagne trade) I would lean toward "Yes" because I think he could help on the ice.

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