Thread: Speculation: Sean Avery a goner?
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09-23-2010, 07:14 AM
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Here are the Avery re-entry waivers and waivers situations

Post #2-Irish Blues

-- Dallas sends Avery down to the minors, then recalls him and the Rangers claim him on the way back up. The Rangers and Stars split the salary and cap hit remaining on his contract 50/50.
-- The Rangers then waive him, but someone else [say Toronto] picks him up. The Maple Leafs and Stars then split Avery's contract 50/50, and the Rangers are off the hook.
-- Say the Rangers instead assign Avery to the minors, and no one claims him [not even Dallas]. The Rangers and Stars continue to split his salary, but no cap hit is incurred as Avery is in the minors and not subject to the "35 and older" clause.
-- The Rangers recall Avery from the minors after having assigned him, and Toronto claims him on the way back up. The Maple Leafs and Rangers now split Avery's cap hit and salary, and Dallas is off the hook.
CBA doesn't discuss what happens if a player claimed on re-entry is traded to another team. You have to assume the entire cap hit goes to the acquiring team.

This is what Brooks wrote on Tuesday.

Indeed, for whatever it's worth, Avery and Wade Redden are the only two varsity incumbents who have not scrimmaged in equivalent roles to the ones they had last season. Avery, who was a top six-winger when he went down with a knee injury in Game 75, has been on a line with White and tryout Ruslan Fedotenko, both long shots to make the club.
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