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10-04-2003, 07:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Upon1
Wasn't Kariya interviewed recently in the OC register and said that he wasn't aware of not being given his qualifying offer until an hour before the deadline. Indicating he hadn't held any discussions with Murray about taking a paycut?
But Murray says they had talked about him taking a paycut so the team could bring in more help. He claims that Paul had led them to think they had an understanding. Now, he could be lying, but think about it; Bryan Murray's been around the league for a long time, and has a pretty sterling reputation as a standup guy. He's also no fool. Do you think he'd have been crazy enough to not qualify Kariya without at least some sort of hint from Kariya that he'd be amenable to taking a paycut?

And there were also quotes from Kariya's agent on July 1 where he said he and his client weren't that surprised at not being qualified, that it had been brought by the team as a possibility. So really, it's not Kariya's word against Murray's, it's Kariya's word against Murray's and HIS OWN AGENT. Kariya's trying to revise history after realizing how bad it would look if he basically confessed to lying to Murray.

Even Paul himself has admitted he was overpaid in the past, but now he's surprised they didn't give him another $10 mil a year? Not buying it. He also said he'd still be in Anaheim if they qualified him. Well DUH, because no one's going to give him a RFA offer sheet for over $10 mil a year at his current level of play. Kariya's just putting the PR spin on, trying to make it sound like he wanted to stay in Anaheim sooooo badly but they just didn't want him around.

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