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Originally Posted by Chairman Maouth View Post
It was a long time ago and it was just for a weekend. We were a bantam rep team who I guess were invited to Bellevue for the weekend and to play a team there. Oddly enough, I did the exact same thing with a soccer team -- billeted with a family in Bellevue. I think there may be some sort of sister community thing between Bellevue and Coquitlam - a suburb of Vancouver.
Originally Posted by beth View Post
Yeah, I really need to do that - I am horrible about falling. Well, what I mean is I'm an expert at falling, just not properly. I keep sticking my hands out by instinct even though I know not to.

I've just been going to public skates lately - I'm home all day so I can go to the cheap daytime skate, 5 bucks and I stay for at least 2 hours usually, twice a week. It's a great workout, and I swear my ass looks better than it has in over 10 years. I wear elbows, my daughter's pink knee pads, wrist guards and my bike helmet. I feel like such a dweeb but it keeps me from being bruised constantly. It's been about 2 months, and I've just about got the hang of backwards crossovers and can almost skate as fast backwards as forwards. Hopefully I will get my last couple pieces of gear soon and get to start practicing with a stick. Once this dang pants situation is taken care of, that is!

You need to get your daughter into it too. I have two daughter, 13 & 9 that both play. I had a blast this summer as my team was seriously short on players and they let my older daughter play. She had a Gordie Howe (light) hat tirck - a goal on the first shift of the game, a sweet assist and a penalty. This is the time I've been waiting for, when she can actually play with me. It would be even more fun for you if your daughter plays and the two of you play together on a women's team some years down the road. Either way, keep it up and enjoy yourself. Your never too old to start - I did at 33.

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