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04-27-2005, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Squeaky

The reason I'm really replying to this is Breezy. He's got a contract at 4.5 million for 05-06, with a 1 million buy out. I'd call it likely that the buyout will be used.
yea I think it's a good bet that he will be bought out.

I wouldn't be surpised to see *many* buyouts when the NHL resumes... of course it depends on how the new CBA handles it.

But there are still several Briesbois like contracts around the NHL (Whitney comes to mind right away!), and with a salary cap, these contracts are likely to be bought out... also considering that teams like Detroit would have no problem buying out the contract (since they could normally pay $60-70mill for a payroll anyways, going into a $40-45mill cap league, they would easily have the finances to buyout some contracts to restructure their payroll quickly).

with the priorities on the habs roster, I still think that adding a top 6 winger is the #1 priority. While guys like Perezhogin could pan out - he's completely untested, and the Habs would probably still need to add another top 6 winger even if he does pan out into one.

The defense on the other hand, has Markov and Souray, which a better starting point than the wingers - with basically Zednik, Ryder, and then a bunch of unproven rookies, and then guys best suited for a 3rd line role, or guys that haven't yet proven to be capable of a top 6 role on a contender (ie Deganais, Bulis, etc).

Even if Perezhogin breaks out, I still think the Habs could use one more top line winger - someone who has experience to play there.

Buying out Briesbois's contract should give the Habs room to go after one of the top wingers on the market... Komisarek should be more than ready to pick up the slack on the blueline as well with more minutes.

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