Thread: Speculation: Sean Avery a goner?
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09-23-2010, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Sting36e View Post
I would say that these are exactly the reasons as to why. He's got a target on his back with referees, Tortorella sends him mixed messages all season long...I don't blame the guy for not being able to find the right balance.

Totally agree. He's never been particularly great without superior talent on his line to begin with, but now he's lost a couple of steps, and a willingness to get dirty.

I don't care what people think about Avery and his antics (I'm not a particularly big fan myself of that aspect of him), the bottom line is he is a terrific role player when he plays his game. He's an EXCELLENT positional player at either end of the ice. He's got great instincts and anticipates the play very well.

This gets lost with a lot of people because they can't see past his behavior on and off the ice. This guy is one of the smarter players in the league. If he had better hands, he'd be a 25 goal, second liner. As it stands, when he plays his game, he's a very useful player. The key is straddling that line. With this coach, however, I can imagine that being a lot easier said than done.
I agree with all of this and while it has been discussed at length in other Avery threads, I do think that there are way too many who look at his season last year and are just completely clueless.

Did he have a good year last year? It wasn't great, but the people who act like he was just putrid just haven't got a clue IMO.

Some people think that Avery is ONLY effective and worthy of a roster spot if he's running around like a chicken with his head cut off wreaking havoc everywhere.

It seems that Sean thrives and is at his best when that sort of thing is happening.

However, to not understand all the things that he does well (forechecking, cycling the puck, ALWAYS looking around and able to find linemates with great passes, etc) and then to look at last year and not be able to understand the flat out NEUTERING done to him by his head coach and the league, and just act like he was putrid is insane.

We all have agendas, I get that. But when you look on the stat sheet last year wasn't really that bad for Sean.

He didn't wreak havoc every night, but to act like that's all he's good for is just dumb. Flat out dumb.

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