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10-04-2003, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Go Habs Go
Logical? It makes no sense! So because our first two lines are weak, we shouldn't play rough and hope for the other team to have mercy on us? The game is going to be physical no matter who we have and how we play. With the acquisition of enforcers like Langdon, other teams will think twice before taking liberties on our smaller guys. We have to get bigger so our little guys will have more room. Remaining smaller won't make it easier on our small offensive players.
I would tend to agree. Teams like the Bruins, Toronto, Philly, NY, etc. have never shown "mercy" on us just because we didn't hit them back. Quite the contrary. They took liberties, roughed us all night long and didn't think about retaliation as there was none.

Bringing in more toughness will at least allow us to compete on equal level (well maybe not yet but we're getting closer).

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