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09-23-2010, 04:23 PM
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How this thread has made it to 5 pages amuses me.

It's pretty simple.

Olesz has NHL talent. He's a talented 3rd line player. He has the talent to be an average 2nd line player on a below average team (statistically, a top 6 forward at the bottom range can hover around 40 pts). Olesz clearly has the talent to produce that. His size, puckhandling ability and skating are all at a level that are clearly of NHL standards.

Its imperative fact. Olesz has NHL talent. Olesz is an NHL player.

Olesz is vastly overpaid. This is also an imperative fact. The contract length and amount is absurd. He does not warrant such a contract and probably never will.

Result ; we all hate Olesz.

People need to stop confusing performance at a contract and whether it costitutes them to being an NHL level talent. Olesz is absolutely an NHL talent ; just not a high end one. Anyone who says Olesz is not NHL material is quite frankly a moron.

Olesz will probably find his way back to Europe and the KHL in the short future. His inconsistencies seem to keep manifesting themselves at the wrong time and his awful contract means we just aren't going to keep him for much longer unless he justifies that contract. But if Olesz was on a contract for a Million or so, it would be a good contract for what he brings. Olesz is just one of many players who acquired a contract way above his real value and thus we begin to become blinded to the reality of his talent and conversely to what management, we actually think he has less talent than he actually does.

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