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09-23-2010, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Erick View Post
The irony in this post is great.

At the end of the day, Olesz is hurting this team a lot more than he's helping it, for a variety of reasons.

If a boss hires you and gives you a very nice salary, and you fail to meet the requirements; your boss should be held accountable for making such a stupid decision, and you should be held accountable for not getting the job done. This is no different.

Accountability...y'know, the word this organization loves to use. Give it a rest, already. The development excuse gets old after a certain amount of years.
it's a LOT different. that's an incredibly simplistic explanation. players are assets - they represent a ton of investment from the time they're scouted, to their selection, to their development. and no two players take the same path.

this really cuts to the core of your argument. there's no doubt rusty has failed to live up to fans and the organization's expectations. he's not, however, a temp or someone you've hired from the classifieds. he needs to pick it up in order to come close to justifying his salary but he's still young and that is still a possibility. i grant you that even in this business, you have to cut your losses at a point. i'm guessing if it was a financial advantageous to do so, it would've been done already but it hasn't, so he's here. as long as he's here, let's root for the kid to at least contribute. it's senseless to continue to beat him up and blame him for everything.

fwiw, your analogy fails at every level in the league. guys sign multi-year contracts and then fail to get the job done all the time. the core of most teams are locked into contracts regardless of production and they aren't getting canned every time they fail to meet their goals. it's just not how it works.

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