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09-23-2010, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Jersey Girl View Post
This is the biggest 'incorrect information' of them all. Dolan implies that DirecTV is withholding NFL Sunday Ticket from Cablevision, when it is the NFL who decides who will carry their product.
You just said yourself that Dolan implies that DirectTV is withholding NFL Sunday how is this incorrect information? The fact is, Dolan is after NFL Sunday Ticket, he will use any means to try and get his hands on it. I didn't say his implications that what DirectTV and the NFL have worked out is wrong, I was just explaining why he may be using it as leverage.

To further the arguement that Cablevision may make though,-
Can you tell me why the NFL would not sell the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket to all carriers? Surely they would make more money than by just selling to DirectTV alone.

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