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04-27-2005, 03:01 PM
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Originally Posted by gc2005
Brisebois has carved out a 14-year career, won a Stanley Cup, and at times been very successful, either in scoring (back in the day when he was the only D-man on Montreal worthy of skating on the PP) and defense (in recent years, as in last season, a solid plus-player). The only knock against him is his ridiculous contract.

If Hainsey turns out to be "just another Brisebois" (without the serious overpayment) I would be quite happy. In fact I think Brisebois comes back to Montreal next year. At a reduced salary, of course.

As for the topic of the thread, there's no way Montreal can trade Hainsey. Unless and until they rebuild their defenseman depth. They have no prospects outside of Komisarek and Hainsey that will definitely make the NHL one day.
Length of a career does not mean hes a good player. Hes an okay player, nothing more. He might have won a stanley cup, but any other depth defensemen couldve instead of him.

One of his most overrated assests though is his offense, for an offensive defensemen, he puts up below average numbers. Hes never had a 40 point season(although hes been projected to, but thats means squat with him) and hes never had a full season. Hes a glass made player and that, while evading any type of physical contact. Everytime hes put in pressure situations or he has to lead the blue line, he messes up spectacularly. I've watched him since the '92-'93 season and for long stretches he would compare to Patrick Traverse.
He might have been a plus player last year, but man can you ignore things like -14 and -31 in 2 of the last 4? Not to mention that +9 in 2002 was all Theodore.

Hes like Rivet, a bottom pairing defensemen who should not be put in important situations unless rested. Hes effective when he doesnt play a lot i.e. last year.

Also, gotta mention the fact hes one of the softest guys on the blue line in the league. No guts, no balls. Just look at McLaren hitting Zednik, he gave him a love shove after it.

I have no desire to see Hainsey becoming another guy who'll make me shake my head every period.

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