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09-24-2010, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by KWGoon View Post
Rodney King is that you? Can't we all just get along?

Tough words are not easy to take, but fact is Erick is way closer to the truth than you are. You can feel sorry for Olesz, but that's another matter altogether. Being sorry for him doesn't make him a better player.

Olesz' lack of production hasn't made him into just another invisible player. As the 5th highest paid player on the team he makes almost 8% of the total team salary. One guy represents 4% of the roster. So he's failing by a factor of two, the most spectacular failure on the team, and that's saying something with McCabe on the payroll at $5M+.

I do agree with you one one thing though, but that's about it. I'm rooting for Olesz to prove everyone wrong this season. In a spectacular fashion.
With all due respecct, you seriously fail as Eric has by arguing his salary when discussing his talent. Clearly you can characterize him as you wish based on his play, 3rd liner etc. However, you can not creat a nexis between his play and salary when your judging what type of NHL'er he is. You can only discuss whether you would want him on your team in a cap era based on JM's gamble.
You want to yell at JM, have at it. Yelling at Olez becuase of his contract just makes one another uneducated spectator.

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