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09-24-2010, 11:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Jester View Post
This team, with that goaltending (which we still have), was not good enough to get there. They got there because they got a sequence of absolutely perfect matchups... and we would have lost in the 2nd round (almost surely) if the other teams best forward had not of been hurt.

To take that Cup run and extrapolate it into a "lets try that again!" claim is delusional. If we'd run into either the Caps or Pittsburgh, we would have been toast most likely. When we did run into a legit team, we did get toasted.
Yeah, our offense and defense were Cup caliber, but our goaltending was far below Cup level.

We were extremely fortunate in our Cup run last year. We won't have that kind of fortune again. Which is why I don't see us having a legitimate shot at the Cup this year unless our goaltending situation gets resolved. Which won't happen until Homer's hand is forced, which means that Leighton and Boosh will likely have to implode before Homer has to actually try and fix it.

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