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Originally Posted by CptCannon View Post
Very true.

One thing I disagree with is Walker's ability to really keep things under control in the front of our own net after the whistle. One thing I really like in Bart's play is that, he's doing it well... but one day he'll meet someone that'll drop his mitts and just pound the hell out of him. While Walker can pretty much take one anyone in the league while not getting really embarrassed.

Not saying Oskars' should not keep pushing people away from our goalie but Walker has more authority down there. None of the smaller guys will start pushing him back because he'll **** 'em up.

Though, that's the very only thing Walker can do better than Bartulis, feisty Latvian is wayyy better in all the other areas.
IMO, that's a terrible reason to want Walker on the roster over Bart.

If he's controlling the front of the net between the whistles and clearing guys out, I don't care if there's the off chance somebody might beat him up. What matters to me is how well he plays between the whistles, in which case I think he's as good or better than Walker. And if you factor in the cap hit........

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